Olive Tree

This is the first gift I did to my husband when we were still not married. Someone says is the symbol of luck. Unfortunately an insect destroyed it, but this tree meant so much to us and we decided not to throw it away. I dried the roots of the tree, then put some sand in the vase and here it is. Isn’t it beautiful? 😍

Don’t throw away your mini trees or Bonsai, even without leeves they are beautiful.

My Manga Drawings

What I learned to draw from the manga book….
Perspectives, shadows and colouring are the most difficult things while drawing. Try to start only with a pen at the very beginning, without colouring. In mangas eyes and hair have to be exaggerated, that creates the manga effect. You start with the shape of the face, then the features, then the hair and at the end the body.
Achtung, Achtung…hands are the most difficult part of the body to draw.

Take your time, be patient, have fun…with these “rules“ I achieved very good results.


For the ones that are interested in drawing mangas I highly recommend this book.
It shows you step by step how to achieve a very good result. For each picture there is a explication. It stars with the face and then continuous with the other parst of the body.
Once you have learned some basic rules, you can continua by your own.
After learning the rules from the book and continued to see you tube videos and to follow step by step the drawing. Then the other step is to take a picture and try to redraw it, so without videos. I really enjoyed it, hope you too :).

Lego Furniture

I wanted for my living room something not expensive, not heavy, not ikea (so complicated to build them 😖) and flexible. Fell immidiately in love with these boxes. Bought them online (10 eur per box) and you can combine whatever you like with them, can hang them on the wall or not. I prefer not to hang them so they can be used at the moment for different things. For example I used 2 of them for a sofa table and we also used them to create the Xmas tree, which I posted in my blog 😀.